The Tracy Awards

Friends, Romans, People Who Are Neither:

Today is the official launch of the 2nd Annual Tracy Awards — the awards show created by Crowell Advertising to make fun of ads that suck. Last year, we received a solid amount of national press, and obviously, we’re hoping for more this year. And we need your help.

Please go to today and stay for a few minutes. Comment on the existing bad ads — anonymously if you like. (More bad ads are added each day.) Come back for a visit once in a while over the next 6 weeks. Submit some bad ads of your own that you find. See a shitty billboard? Take a photo and submit it. Or find that crappy ad you saw on TV last night (you can almost always find them on YouTube) and submit THAT ad. If an ad you submit wins a Tracy, we send you cash.

(We also send the company responsible — not the ad agency, but the company — a crappy little trophy and a card telling them how much their ad sucks.)

Bottom line: Log on and make fun of these shitty ads.

Thanks in advance for your scathing wit and hatred.

Oh… and please pass this along to anyone and everyone.

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